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Registering for taxes

Registering for Self-Assessment/Personal Tax Returns

As a director of your own limited company, you are required to be registered for Self-Assessment.

Tax Planning

In order to provide accurate tax planning and ensure all income is treated and taxed correctly on your personal tax return, we need to determine your tax residency status. Please complete the following questions:

Company Taxes

We collect your bank details in order to submit your VAT registration, if you would like more detail on our Data Protection Policy with regards to how your bank details are used, please refer to clause 2.2(i) in the link provided.

In order to file your taxes and speak to HMRC on your behalf, we will need to request agent authorisation for each of the taxes you are registered for. You will receive the codes in the post, (or a link on email for VAT from HMRC) and these will need to be sent to us immediately as they do expire. The codes will consist of 2 letters and 8 numbers.

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