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Starting and Running Your Business

Setting Up a Limited Company - Company Formations

Now you have decided to form your limited company, the next stage is to incorporate your company at Companies House.

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Choosing a name for your Limited company

When you register a business with Companies House, one of the pieces of information they will ask you for is the name of your company.

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Limited company formation with Orange Genie Accountancy

Orange Genie Accountancy can help, not only with the advice once set up but with the actually limited company formation itself.

Follow the link to find out more below.

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Setting up a Limited Company? Decide on the Best Share Structure from the Start

When going through your limited company formation with Orange Genie Accountancy, you will need to decide on share structures.

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Business Banking

One of the first actions you will need to take once your limited company formation has been completed is to establish a limited company bank account.

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Limited Company Directors Responsibilities

If your limited company formation has taken place, as the Director, the law says you must:

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Record Keeping for Limited Companies

If your company is registered at Companies House, you must keep and retain certain accounting records showing your company's transactions and its financial position.

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What’s the most efficient way to take income out of your company?

If you’re contracting through your own limited company, calculating the best way to pay yourself will be a priority for you.

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Drawing monies from your company

We discuss the four different ways in which you can take money out of your limited company...

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How to take money out of your Limited Company

Following completion of your limited company formation, it is important to realise from the start that the limited company is a separate legal entity to the directors who form it.

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Limited Company Directors: Important Dates for Your Diary

As a director of your recently formed company you have a responsibility to ensure your company meets its Statutory Filing deadlines.

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Understanding your Limited Company Accounts

Every Company registered at Companies House has to file Statutory Accounts on an annual basis. Similar documents have to be sent to HMRC, along with the Company’s Corporation tax return.

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Insurance for Contractors

If you are setting up a limited company you will need to consider insurances such as; Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability 

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Contractor Mortgages

Whether you’re a director of your own limited company or you’re employed by an umbrella company, you might expect your status as a contractor to cause a problem when you apply for a mortgage.

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News and Updates

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