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Back in December 2022 Orange Genie continued their tradition of support for their local community by distributing Christmas gifts to some elderly residents.

United Kingdom, January

Back in December 2022, Orange Genie delivered boxes of Christmas gifts to residents in their home town of Aylesbury. Their intention was to support their local community while spreading some much-needed Christmas cheer among elderly residents who were living alone or in need of support, and it worked extremely well! So much so, that many of the recipients have written to Orange Genie to express their thanks.

Jan wrote:

“Thank you so much for such an amazing surprise, I just could not believe it. And so wonderfully presented by such a lovely lady. I could not believe all its content, everything for a really happy Christmas”

And Heather and Jerry wrote:

“It was such a wonderful surprise. Never before have we received such a generous gift, thanks once again for your generosity”

Dan Moss, Managing Director at Orange Genie, said:

“At Orange Genie we’re determined to be a positive force, both in our industry, by supporting our contractors and partners, and in the wider community through projects like this. We were proud and excited to be able to make this gesture at Christmas, and we were very pleased to receive such wonderful feedback from the recipients. We believe such things are important all year round and there will be similar events throughout 2023 and beyond.”

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