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Not Such a Blue Christmas - Orange Genie Executive Adam Miller Follows His Elvis Dream

Orange Genie Agency Executive Adam Miller set himself a challenge and realised his dream – to perform as Elvis!

Orange Genie Agency Executive Adam Miller set himself a challenge during lockdown – to became Aylesbury’s newest Elvis impersonator – and now he’s realised that dream.

At 23, Adam became a father and new priorities left his dream on hold, but he never let it go. Orange Genie supported their employees and staff throughout the Covid 19 crisis, and this allowed Adam to invest in sound systems, outfits and lighting.

Adam picked up the Elvis bug as a teenager when he happened across the 1970 documentary, Elvis: That’s the Way It Is and was transfixed by the singer’s movements. The desire to perform as Elvis took shape as he wowed audiences at karaoke nights in his early 20’s.

"I didn't think I was amazing, or anything special back then, but people seemed to like it. I was singing, Suspicious Minds, but what I was also doing was the moves, the hand gestures and dances.”

"Because I was getting a good reaction, I kept doing it. There was one old couple who told me they used to come to the pub, as they liked watching me perform. After I'd gone on, they'd leave.”

In between the national lockdowns in the summer of 2020, Adam began his journey, performing for free at care homes across Aylesbury Vale. This was important to him, partly because his Elvis journey is a labour of love, but also to ease his nerves. His performance clearly goes down well, too, since every care home he’s appeared at has asked him to return.

Orange Genie is very proud to support their employees, not only to follow their dreams and achieve a healthy work-life balance, but also to support the local community.

As the festive season gets underway, Adam is looking forward to continuing his Elvis journey. Wedding performances are planned for the future, and Adam’s ultimate goal is to tour the UK, spreading happiness and Elvis fever all around.

Adam says, “if you've got a dream this Christmas then go for it. No one else is going to do it for you. I knew I had to do this now, otherwise I'd always regret not giving it a go.”

Adam works for Orange Genie as an Agency Executive, where he supports and advises recruiters.

Orange Genie supports contractors, freelancers, temporary workers and small business owners with a complete range of compliant solutions tailored to their needs. Their team of dedicated experts will help you choose the best solution for your circumstances and continue to support you throughout your career.

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