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Orange Genie Raises £10,000 for Mind

Orange Genie are delighted to announce that they have surpassed their fund-raising target of £10,000 for mental health charity Mind. Orange Genie have a long history of support for good causes, and in 2019 they entered a partnership with the mental health charity, setting themselves the daunting target of raising £10,000.

Orange Genie staff were actively encouraged to get involved, and even given paid time off to take part in fund raising events. At the same time, Orange Genie have leveraged their partnership with Mind and their position as a leading umbrella employer to highlight mental health issues, particularly as they affect workers and the workplace.

So is the partnership due to end, now Orange Genie’s £10,000 promise has been fulfilled? Far from it, according to Dan Moss, Managing Director at Orange Genie:

 “I’d like to thank our amazing staff, who’s generosity, enthusiasm and commitment has made it possible achieve this ambitious goal. As a responsible and ethical employer Orange Genie are very proud to support Buckinghamshire Mind and their vital work, raising awareness of mental health issues and helping those affected by them. This work is as important now as it ever has been, which is why our partnership will continue through 2023.”  

Kari Channell, Buckinghamshire Mind Fundraising and Communications Lead said:

“Buckinghamshire Mind are delighted to be Orange Genie’s chosen charity for 2023.  This support has never been more needed and we are grateful for every message shared and every penny raised.  We will not give up until everyone in our community with a mental health problem gets both the support and respect they deserve. Orange Genie’s support for our charity will really help change lives and this company is certainly a mental health advocate.”


Orange Genie supports contractors, freelancers, temporary workers and small business owners with a complete range of compliant solutions tailored to their needs. Their team of dedicated experts will help you choose the best solution for your circumstances and continue to support you throughout your career.


If you would like more information about this topic, please email Chief Commercial Officer Dan Moss at

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