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"I have to say that working with Orange Genie has been great so far. In particular Adam Miller who has great customer service and always ensures our contractors have a great experience and get paid on time. Thankyou Adam for being a cracking account manager"
Gary Wills,

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Why Key Information Documents are a Useful Tool for Recruiters

Since April 2020, each new candidate must be supplied with a Key Information Document detailing the details of their engagement, including how they

Changes to National Insurance: What Recruiters Need to Know

The Government has tinkered with National Insurance quite a lot recently, from the implementation of the Health and Social Care Levy in April, an

Key Information Documents: How Compliance can Protect Recruiters

Despite the fact that it’s been a legal requirement since April 2020, many recruitment agencies are still not reliably supplying Key Information

IR35 Reform: Why Recruiters/Clients Shouldn’t Make Blanket Decisions

Most end-clients are now responsible for assessing the IR35 status of any contractor they hire, and they’ll be liable if their decision is found to be

IR35: Why Role Based Assessments Are Not Enough

In terms of controlling your risks and treating contractors fairly, not to mention sourcing key skills at a sensible price, blanket or “role-based”

4.3 Million Reasons Why Your Clients Need Expert Help with IR35 Compliance

In 2019 the NHS received a £4.3 million tax bill after HMRC decided it had set its contractors’ IR35 status incorrectly, even though CEST -

IR35: Is it Wise to Rely on HMRC's CEST Tool?

IR35 reform has been with us since April 2021, and many end clients still rely on HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool to help them

How IR35 Affects Recruiters

Unless they class as a small private company, your end clients are now responsible for assessing the IR35 status of any contractors they engage, and

IR35: Retaining Talented Contractors

Since their IR35 status was taken out of their hands by the 2021 reform, many contractors are concerned that they'll find themselves working

IR35: What Contractors are Looking for From Recruiters

Care and attentionIR35 determinations can be complex and time consuming, requiring specialist expertise and resources. Where these resources are not

How Has IR35 Reform Affected the Contracting Industry?

In the run up to IR35 reform a lot was written about the potential effects on contractors, recruiters and end clients. The reform has now been with us

Private Sector IR35 Reform: Why not Engaging PSCs is Too Risky for Recruiters

IR35 reform has been with us since April 2021 and any end client who doesn't class as a small private company and is hiring contractors who trade


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  • Adam Miller is 5*

    "I have to say that working with Orange Genie has been great so far. In particular Adam Miller who has great customer service and always ensures our"
    Gary Wills,
  • Great service

    "I have been working with OG for a number of years and the team are great. Adam Millar is my dedicated Account Manager and he is responsive and is"
    Sam Morgan,
  • The team at OG really are fantastic

    "The team at OG really are fantastic. They are knowledgeable, prompt and professional. I have used them on a number of occasions and would highly"
    A Moore,
  • Tyan is our account manager...

    "Tyan is our account manager and goes above and beyond to make sure our candidates are happy and everything is done to make sure a smooth payroll"
    Emma Emma, Education Recruitment
  • We absolutely LOVE Orange Genie

    "We never have a single issue and are always provided with an exemplary service. A huge reach out to Jen P. in particular for her service. I couldn't"
    , Quad Recruitment

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If you're a supply teacher travelling from overseas and looking to work in the UK, one of the first and most important things that you will need

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One of the advantages of umbrella company employment is that you’re employed continuously across all your assignments – meaning that you can work on a

Umbrella Company Employees and the Cost of Living

The rising cost of living has been a hot topic for some time now, and we know that many of our umbrella company employees are worried about rising

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