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Habits of Successful Recruiters

Becoming a great recruiter takes talent, skill and practice, but there are a number of habits you can adopt to help you up your game. In this article we’ll look at some habits you can cultivate to improve your performance as a recruiter.

Make personal connections

Recruitment is, at its heart, about connections. You connect candidates who need work to clients who need their skills, and you do it by making real and lasting connections all over your sector. Every business interaction you have is an opportunity to create or strengthen a connection, and those connections are a vital part of what you do.  

Accordingly, you want your correspondence to feel personal to each recipient. Include their name, touch on the unique conversations you’ve had or mention a detail from their CV; let them know they have your attention and they’re worthy of your time.

Where you’re using automated emails – for example the early stages of your recruitment funnel – use personalisation where you can, and take some time over the email copy to ensure they feel authentic.

Focus on your candidates’ experience

Your candidates’ experience of dealing with you, whether they’re successful or not, will have an impact on your future success. It will affect whether they recommend you or warn their friends and colleagues to stay away, and hopefully at least some of them will end up working for your clients.

Former candidates who feel good about how you treated them will drive business your way more effectively than anything else, so it’s important to focus on their experience.  

Look closely at your recruitment process from the candidate’s point of view, and think about what they need from you at every stage. Streamline your process where you can, keep in touch with them at every stage and support them with good advice and honest feedback.

Focus on the “yes”

The process of “screening out” unsuitable candidates can lead you to focus on what’s wrong with each one. If you’re looking, it’s easy to find a reason to reject almost anyone, so it’s often better to keep your deliberations positive.

Focus on what each candidate has to offer, and match that with what your client is looking for. This way you’ll find yourself choosing candidates because they fit the bill, not because you rejected everyone else. 

Turn off notifications

Recruiters are often distracted by notifications from emails or messages, and it can stop you getting anything done.

To stay productive, turn off your notifications and instead create a schedule where you only check your email or voicemail at a specific time each day. This can eliminate your distractions and help you stay focused on one task at a time.

Embrace new tech

Recruiters have a lot to do and it can be difficult to fit it all in – but you don’t have to do it all manually.

Automation and AI tools can help take some of the work off your hands so you can get more done in less time. Whether you’re using a scheduling tool to allow applicants to make their own appointments or generating reports with AI, including some automation tools in strategic places into your recruitment processes can make your job a lot easier.

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