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IR35: Retaining Talented Contractors

Since their IR35 status was taken out of their hands by the 2021 reform, many contractors are concerned that they'll find themselves working under the wrong IR35 status and those who have a choice will prefer to work for agencies and clients who can reassure them.  This presents an opportunity for recruiters, both in attracting new talent, and cementing relationships with existing contractors.

How can you reassure your contractors about IR35 reform?

Take Action now:

If your contractors see you engaging with the issue and taking action, they’ll have more confidence that you’ll look after their interests.

Your involvement may also encourage your clients to prioritise their IR35 process, which will make it more likely that they'll make any adjustments, so more of your contractors can safely work outside IR35.

Show that you understand:

If you demonstrate an understanding of IR35, how it affects contractors and why they might be worried, you’re more likely to have their confidence as they make future career decisions. To help you achieve this, you may need to arrange training with IR35 compliance experts like Orange Genie. 

Provide sound advice:

Your contractors need advice in a number of specialist areas, particularly if they're newly inside IR35.

How will it affect their income? Do they need an umbrella company? Should they keep their PSC open?

You can be a source of guidance and support as they navigate their new working options.  

Let us help:

We can provide expert training and advice for you and your staff, so your contractors’ questions and concerns are answered in a way that gives them confidence in your agency.

We can also help your clients to assess IR35 status quickly and correctly, which will discourage blanket assessments, and give your contractors the best chance of working outside IR35. 

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