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Orange Genie Companion - Extraordinary Benefits for Our Contractors

Extraordinary Benefits for Our Umbrella Employees

When we created Orange Genie Companion, we set out to make a real difference to contractors’ lives. Our popular discounts and offers are still an important part of that, which is why we’ve improved them, with our enormous and constantly evolving Discount Outlet, but that wasn’t enough.

For us, employment has always been more than a financial transaction and we wanted that to be reflected in the experience of being part of the Orange Genie Community. That meant our benefits platform had to do more than just save you money.

The results are extremely exciting; a benefits platform unlike anything we’ve seen before, with the potential to change the way our industry thinks about employment. 

And we’re not finished yet. Extraordinary as it already is, the Orange Genie Companion platform has the capacity to expand and include additional offers and services as new opportunities and needs are identified. The future looks extremely bright for Orange Genie contractors

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