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Supply Teacher? Here's how we calculate your pay

If you're new to supply teaching or to employment with an umbrella company it's important that you understand how your pay us calculated as it's different from what you may be used to in conventional employment. Here's what you need to know .

How does umbrella company pay work?

Orange Genie Education charge the agency for the supply teaching work you have carried out on our behalf, at the rate of pay you have negotiated.

From this umbrella income, we retain our profit margin and cover the costs of employing you. These employment costs include Employer’s National Insurance, Holiday Pay and a contribution to your workplace pension scheme if applicable.

The balance of the income we receive forms your employment income for the work you have carried out.

Once we have arrived at this overall employment income figure, we pay it to you in the following way...

Your employment income / take home pay 

  • National Minimum Wage for every hour you have worked.

  • Tax free expenses. If you are able to claim business expenses, part of the income Orange Genie Education receive is paid to you as tax free expenses, for the claims you have submitted and we have approved.

  • The balance of your employment income is then paid to you as a profit share or commission. If we pay you a higher amount of expenses, the profit share element is reduced by the same amount.

If there are no expenses to be paid to you as part of the calculation, all of your employment income will be taxable.

Submitting your business expenses will result in you paying less tax (and NI) on your overall earnings.

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