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Umbrella Company Employees and the Cost of Living

The rising cost of living has been a hot topic for some time now, and we know that many of our umbrella company employees are worried about rising prices. While we can’t do much about international gas markets, the energy price cap or the soaring cost of fuel, there are things all our employees can do to save money in these difficult times.

Use Orange Genie Edge

Orange Genie Edge, our employee benefits platform, is designed specifically to help our employees look after themselves and their families, and this includes ways to make your money go further and practical advice to help improve your financial position.

The Discount Outlet

This is an enormous collection of discounts and cashback offers, large and varied enough to save you money on just about anything. It’s constantly evolving so the best advice is to log in and check it before making any kind of purchase. At the time of writing:

·         Save between 6% and 4% on your groceries using reloadable cards at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose. 

·         Earn £30 cashback when switching broadband provider, £16 on dual fuel switches and £11 on mobile contracts with U-Switch. Ideally, you’d also save money by switching to a cheaper deal.

·         Save 7% at over 40 high-street retailers with the Easy Saver Card

·         Earn £37 cashback on car insurance with Go Compare

·         Earn between £11.50 and £1,175 on various types of insurance with Money Supermarket

These are the deals our team picked out in a 20-minute search of the Discount Outlet – there are hundreds more and whatever your lifestyle or circumstances there’s a very good chance you’ll save money on something. It’s well worth going through the Discount Outlet as you review your household budget to see where we can help to bring your costs down.

The Wellbeing Centre

From a financial point of view, the Wellbeing Centre in Orange Genie Edge is focused on helping you assess and improve your present position.

There are useful calculators from the Money Advice Service, covering budget planning, pension forecasting, loans and mortgage affordability. These can be used to take control of your financial position and make a plan to improve it.

There are also expert articles with ideas and advice to help you navigate a wide range of financial issues. For example, there are articles on how to build up your credit score, creating a basic budget, getting back on your feet after debt issues, saving money while working from home, different ways to pay your bills, how to start saving and many more. Whatever your financial question, there’s a good chance we have an expert article about it so the Wellbeing Centre is a good place to start.

 How to access Orange Genie Edge

When your employment with Orange Genie begins, we’ll email you an invitation to register with Orange Genie Edge. You’ll need to register asap, because we use the Edge portal to issue your pay documents and occasionally other communications as well. You can access all the benefits of Orange Genie Edge through the portal at any time, from any device.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please call our expert team on 01296 468483 or email info@orangegenie.com

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