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7 Days of Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

Social media can be a powerful tool to help you build your small business, allowing you to create a community of enthusiastic supporters, and helping

How to Keep on Top of Your Bookkeeping

Your business decisions can only be as good as the information they’re based on, so it’s vital that your bookkeeping is accurate. In this article

How to Record VAT Correctly When Entering Expenses

Expenses can be one of the most confusing areas regarding VAT, so in this article we’ll look at the treatment of VAT on expenses and give you some

Improve your working from home routine

IPSE estimates that 87% of self-employed workers have worked remotely in the last 12 months. This is a huge change, up from just 6% in 2017, and of

Meet the Orange Genie Accountancy Team

Dannielle Stapleton – Director of Accounting ServicesI’ve worked at Orange Genie for 9 years, starting out as an Accountant, I now focus my time on

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business

As a small business owner, it’s important to get real value everywhere you spend your precious time and money. With marketing activity, where return

How Much can You Take in Dividends?

As a director and shareholder, you may be used to taking part of your income from your Limited company as dividends. It’s important that this is done

How does Your Limited Company Pay Compare to Permanent Employment?

There are many reasons why you might choose contracting through your own Limited company over permanent employment, and the one that is most often

Death of a Sole Director/Shareholder – What Would Happen to Your Company?

It is not uncommon for a small business to be owned and operated by one individual. In this case the sole director/shareholder not only owns the

Cyber Security for Your Small Business

Cyber attack is a real threat to any business, but many small business owners don’t prepare thoroughly, often because they feel that there’s nothing

Contractors: Is it Time to Increase Your Day Rate?

Given recent increases in the cost of living, inflation forecasts predicting further sharp price rises and interest rates adding to mortgage costs,

How Contractors can Get More Out of LinkedIn

It’s the go to social media platform for professional networkers, so if you’re trying to build your network and grow your business there’s a good


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  • Adam Miller is 5*

    "I have to say that working with Orange Genie has been great so far. In particular Adam Miller who has great customer service and always ensures our"
    Gary Wills,
  • Excellent Service

    "Very professional and approachable. My accountant is always willing to help. Its been a joy. Highly recommended"
    Suhel Pande,
  • Great service

    "I have been working with OG for a number of years and the team are great. Adam Millar is my dedicated Account Manager and he is responsive and is"
    Sam Morgan,
  • Great!

    "I have been with Orange Genie now for about 8 years and not had a single problem. My accountant is Teimour and nothing is an issue for him. He's"
  • I've worked with OG since opening my business

    "I've worked with OG since opening my business in 2019 - couldn’t ask for better support. The team are great, from Dan & Hannah, SJ & Tyan and"
    Jack Curtis,
  • Initial registration with Orange Genie...

    "Initial registration with Orange Genie was handled quickly and efficiently, my call was handled by Elliot who was an excellent Customer Services"
    James Pearson,
  • Orange Genie - 5* Accountancy Services

    "Orange Genie have provided me with 5* contractor accountancy advice and services for over 8 years now. Consistently they have been there to guide me"
    David Tod,
  • Orange genie provided an amazing service for me

    "Orange genie provided an amazing service for me as an expat working in health care in London. It was one of the umbrella companies recommended by my"
    Holly P,

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Recruiters – What if Your Umbrella Company Uses a Tax Avoidance Scheme

Where tax compliance is concerned, “don’t ask, don’t tell” is not a safe policy for recruiters to adopt, because recruitment agencies can be held

Recruiters - What to Do if Your Contractors Walk off Site

It can be extremely frustrating when your contractors unexpectedly stop work and leave a client site, so in this article we’ll look at what recruiters

As a Contractor, Do I Get a Pension?

Investing in your future has always been a good idea, a pension is the obvious way to start. The earlier you start saving, the easier it will be to

Are you switching from Limited Company to Umbrella Employment?

Use our umbrella company take home pay calculator to give you an idea of what you might earn as an umbrella company employee?