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January shouldn’t be about surprise tax bills and late filing penalties

We always advise our clients to send in their self-assessment  information as early as possible and because of that well over 87% of our clients never

Six Things Your Accountant Should Be Doing But May Not Be

Like many professions, Accountants have found their roles evolving over recent years with the advancement of technology and the changing expectations

Four Reasons Businesses Don't Change Accountant

Are you receiving enough support from your current accountant? We pride ourselves on the length of time we have been supporting and working with our

Limited Company Directors: Important Dates for Your Diary

As a director of your Limited company, you have a responsibility to ensure your company meets its Statutory Filing deadlines. Your Orange Genie

Payments on account

As a director of a Limited company you will be asked to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return. This return will calculate your overall tax liability,

Understanding the Fee Payer's Deduction

Unless your client is classed as a small private company, They will be responsible for determining your IR35 status - meaning whether you are

Understanding your Limited Company Accounts

Every Company registered at Companies House has to file Statutory Accounts on an annual basis. Similar documents have to be sent to HMRC, along with

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Get more than you expected from Orange Genie with our unique benefits platform We’re determined to be a powerful positive force in the lives of our

Setting up a Limited Company? Decide on the Best Share Structure from the Start

When going through your limited company formation with Orange Genie Accountancy, you will need to decide on share structures. The share capital of a

The implications of an inside IR35 status

If you’re contracting through your own limited company (PSC) it's likely that your end client is responsible for determining your IR35 status.

Fixed Fee Accountancy Charges - What you need to know

Many accountants now offer what appear to be fixed monthly accountancy fees – and some are outwardly much cheaper than others. When comparing prices

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contracting

Numerous reports point to increasing numbers of contracting opportunities, tempting an ever-growing army of workers away from permanent employment.


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  • Adam Miller is 5*

    "I have to say that working with Orange Genie has been great so far. In particular Adam Miller who has great customer service and always ensures our"
    Gary Wills,
  • Excellent Service

    "Very professional and approachable. My accountant is always willing to help. Its been a joy. Highly recommended"
    Suhel Pande,
  • Great service

    "I have been working with OG for a number of years and the team are great. Adam Millar is my dedicated Account Manager and he is responsive and is"
    Sam Morgan,
  • Great!

    "I have been with Orange Genie now for about 8 years and not had a single problem. My accountant is Teimour and nothing is an issue for him. He's"
  • I've worked with OG since opening my business

    "I've worked with OG since opening my business in 2019 - couldn’t ask for better support. The team are great, from Dan & Hannah, SJ & Tyan and"
    Jack Curtis,
  • Initial registration with Orange Genie...

    "Initial registration with Orange Genie was handled quickly and efficiently, my call was handled by Elliot who was an excellent Customer Services"
    James Pearson,
  • Orange Genie - 5* Accountancy Services

    "Orange Genie have provided me with 5* contractor accountancy advice and services for over 8 years now. Consistently they have been there to guide me"
    David Tod,
  • Orange genie provided an amazing service for me

    "Orange genie provided an amazing service for me as an expat working in health care in London. It was one of the umbrella companies recommended by my"
    Holly P,

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IR35: Why Role Based Assessments Are Not Enough

In terms of controlling your risks and treating contractors fairly, not to mention sourcing key skills at a sensible price, blanket or “role-based”

IR35 Reform: Why Recruiters/Clients Shouldn’t Make Blanket Decisions

Most end-clients are now responsible for assessing the IR35 status of any contractor they hire, and they’ll be liable if their decision is found to be

4.3 Million Reasons Why Your Clients Need Expert Help with IR35 Compliance

In 2019 the NHS received a £4.3 million tax bill after HMRC decided it had set its contractors’ IR35 status incorrectly, even though CEST -

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Use our umbrella company take home pay calculator to give you an idea of what you might earn as an umbrella company employee?