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How a Tax Calculator Can Mislead Contractors

As an umbrella company employee, if you plug your contract rate into an online PAYE calculator it will overestimate your take home pay. This is

Supply Teacher? Here's how we calculate your pay

If you're new to supply teaching or to employment with an umbrella company it's important that you understand how your pay us calculated as

Top 5 Questions from Umbrella Company Employees

Questions Asked by Umbrella Company EmployeesAs a responsible umbrella company, we’re always keen to provide the information our employees actually

Private Sector IR35 Reform: Why not Engaging PSCs is Too Risky for Recruiters

IR35 reform has been with us since April 2021 and any end client who doesn't class as a small private company and is hiring contractors who trade

Private Sector IR35 Reform: Help Your Clients Maintain “Reasonable Care”

For a number of reasons, most often resourcing issues or time constraints, we’re still seeing end clients using “blanket” or “role based” IR35

What Recruiters Need to Know About IR35

As a recruiter, you don't need to be an expert in the IR35 legislation, but you do need to know the broad strokes of how it affects your

IR35 : How Your Clients Can Avoid Losing Contractors

Since April 2021 most end clients have been responsible for determining the IR35 status of any contractors they engage. As this decision has a marked

Can Recruiters Turn IR35 into a Competitive Advantage?

The contracting industry has been adjusting to IR35 reform since April 2021, and as those adjustments take effect the commercial landscape will

Top tips for supply teachers

Teaching is a steady profession – bearing in mind there will always be students, then as long as there are schools, there will be jobs available. As

Top websites for classroom resources

Being a teacher requires an enormous amount of organisational skill, especially when it comes to planning ahead with creating fun, educational and

Contractor Umbrella - Expenses Explained

As an employee of Orange Genie Umbrella you can claim for certain expenses that you incur in the course of carrying out your work. We can reimburse

Umbrella or Agency PAYE?

Some agencies will allow you to use their PAYE system rather than working for an umbrella company. Where you have this choice, there are a few things


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    "I have been with Orange Genie now for about 8 years and not had a single problem. My accountant is Teimour and nothing is an issue for him. He's"
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    "Initial registration with Orange Genie was handled quickly and efficiently, my call was handled by Elliot who was an excellent Customer Services"
    James Pearson,
  • Orange Genie - 5* Accountancy Services

    "Orange Genie have provided me with 5* contractor accountancy advice and services for over 8 years now. Consistently they have been there to guide me"
    David Tod,
  • Orange genie provided an amazing service for me

    "Orange genie provided an amazing service for me as an expat working in health care in London. It was one of the umbrella companies recommended by my"
    Holly P,

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IR35: Why Role Based Assessments Are Not Enough

In terms of controlling your risks and treating contractors fairly, not to mention sourcing key skills at a sensible price, blanket or “role-based”

IR35 Reform: Why Recruiters/Clients Shouldn’t Make Blanket Decisions

Most end-clients are now responsible for assessing the IR35 status of any contractor they hire, and they’ll be liable if their decision is found to be

4.3 Million Reasons Why Your Clients Need Expert Help with IR35 Compliance

In 2019 the NHS received a £4.3 million tax bill after HMRC decided it had set its contractors’ IR35 status incorrectly, even though CEST -

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