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As a UK supply teacher, your recruitment agency may have directed you to an umbrella company, or they may have offered you a choice between umbrella company employment and agency PAYE. If you’ve been given the choice, the umbrella option is almost certainly better, as long as you choose the right umbrella company.  

Orange Genie Education successfully employ and pay thousands of supply teachers and education support staff every week. Over the years we’ve learned what’s important to supply teachers as a group, and we know how to support you so you have the best possible experience as a supply teacher.  

We know that you’re busy and you often work under pressure so the last thing you need is uncertainty about when you’ll be paid. We consistently pay teachers accurately and on time, which is why we have a reputation in the industry as a safe pair of hands. We process payments weekly in arrears, so you know you’ll have your money by the Friday following the week you worked.

Your experience of working for us is our number one priority. We want you to get as much out of employment with us as possible, and we want you to be proud to work for us and happy to recommend us to others. Our commitment to operational excellence, combined with our unique approach to employee benefits, ensures that this will be the case.

Overseas trained supply teachers

A significant number of overseas trained supply teachers arrive in the UK every year. They come to develop their teaching skills and careers in a new environment. They also get the opportunity for adventure and to explore the major cities of the UK and Europe. 
The vast majority of these overseas trained teachers choose to be employed by an umbrella company, like Orange Genie Education. This is because the umbrella option gets you the rights, protections and benefits afforded to all UK employees, as well as additional benefits that may be offered by your umbrella.  
Employment with an umbrella company also gives you the opportunity to claim expenses for the costs of relocating to the UK which reduces the amount of tax and National Insurance you pay when you start work.

If you’re sourcing work via more than one supply teaching agency, having one umbrella company to employ and pay you for all your work is simpler and can be better from a tax point of view, as it means you have just one employer and just one tax code. 

Whatever your reason for coming in to the UK to work, Orange Genie Education has the knowledge and experience to ensure your employment runs smoothly as we employ over 1,000 overseas trained teachers at any one time. 

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