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The Discount Outlet

All Orange Genie employees have unlimited access to our Discount Outlet, which can be accessed from your Orange Genie Companion portal. It’s designed to help you make your money go further, and it contains discounts and cashback on thousands of products and services, including everyday items that you would have to buy anyway.  


With cashback offers, the discount outlet will give you instructions before you are redirected to the retailer’s website. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, but it’s important that you follow them, otherwise your cashback may not be applied to your account. 

Once your cashback has been verified by the retailer, it can then be withdrawn or you can save it in your account for as long as you like. For example, we know many of our umbrella company employees save their cashback up for Christmas shopping or a summer holiday. 

Reloadable cards

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save money through the Discount Outlet, and because most major UK supermarkets participate, you can save on things you buy every day. The process is very simple; load money onto your card at a discount, and spend that money in store as a gift-card balance.  You can even set up an auto-top up so you pay a regular amount onto your card each week or month, which makes it very easy to ensure you always get your discount on your groceries. 

Instant vouchers

It isn’t always possible to plan ahead, and this is where instant vouchers come in. They can be used immediately after you buy them, so they’re ideal for unexpected or last-minute purchases. You can even buy them from your mobile device while you’re in store and spend them right away. Like reloadable cards, vouchers are purchased at a discount and then spent either online or in store.  

Our staff and employees can and do save thousands of pounds every year by fitting the Discount Outlet into their lives. Use your reloadable cards whenever you go to the supermarket, check for instant vouchers while you’re high-street shopping and look for cashback offers whenever you’re planning a trip or shopping online. In fact, before you spend money on anything, check the Discount Outlet first, and you may never pay full price again.  

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