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7 Days of Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

Social media can be a powerful tool to help you build your small business, allowing you to create a community of enthusiastic supporters, and helping your ideal customers/clients to find you just when they need your offering in their life. However, it can be challenging to come up with the right mix of content, so in this article we’re sharing a week’s worth of content ideas to help your audience succeed even as they get to know and love your brand.

Monday Motivation

There’s a reason why personal trainers say “never miss a Monday”. It’s because, whether you like them or not, Mondays can set the tone for the rest of the week. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, smash Monday and Tuesday gets that little bit easier. Help your audience conquer the Monday morning blues with an uplifting story or some motivational wisdom, focused on their particular problems or goals.  

Show your product/service in action

A direct demonstration can go a long way to answering potential customers’ questions and overcoming any pre-purchase anxiety. Depending on what you do, this could be a video of your product working, a tutorial about how to use an aspect of your service, an interview with a happy customer or any number of other possibilities. The idea is to show your product or service in the real world, so your audience can see how it would solve their problem. 

Educate on the what and why of your services

What are the challenges or goals that lead your customers/clients to find you? How do you help them, and what’s different about your approach that enables or enhances their success? Maybe there’s a question everyone asks in that first call or email, maybe there’s a common misconception making things harder. The aim is to establish yourself as an expert and create trust, so this kind of post is most effective if you concentrate on helping/educating your audience rather than selling your product or service to them.

Where you started versus where you are now

“How it started vs how it’s going” is a common social media trop for a reason. Everyone loves a success story, and your audience want to see the “authentic” face of your brand. Sharing where and who you were when you started your business, and contrasting that with where you are now is a great way to draw people into your story. For flavour and variety, you might also share some lessons you learned since you started your business, or look at how the goals you started with differ from your current plans for the future.

Share what you have achieved this week

Pick out the highlights of the working week to make a compelling story for your audience. You might also take the opportunity to tag some interesting people you met, particularly if they helped you out. This kind of post is more effective if the overall feel is positive, which could mean telling the story of how you’ve had a brilliant week and you love your job, clients and colleagues, or it could mean talking about the challenges you’ve overcome, the amazing people who helped you through it, or how you’re looking forward to a well-earned break going into the weekend. 

Issue a poll relating to your business

Engage your audience by asking a question that interests them. This will demonstrate an interest in them and their opinions, and it may give you valuable insights that you can use in future content, or even to inform improvements to your products or services.

Share a picture of you and what you did at the weekend

The idea here is to give your audience a window into your personal life, which will humanise your brand and make them feel closer to you. It’s also a nice light way to end the week, and gives you the opportunity to share your good wishes for the coming week.

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