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Expert, bespoke accountancy and tax support to help you succeed and achieve your goals  

High quality, specialist accountancy support and advice tailored to your specific needs, delivered where and when you need it. 

Contractor and Freelancer Services

Contractor and Freelancer Services

Contractor and Freelancer Services

Contracting is a lifestyle choice, as well as a specialist business model, and you need an accountant who understands the nuances and knows where you will need their support.

You also need your accountant to be familiar with the complex legislation that affects the contracting industry and keep up to date with the fast pace of change.

In other words, you need a specialist contractor accountant who can give you and your contracting business the time and attention you deserve.

As a client of Orange Genie Accountancy, you’ll be supported by a dedicated specialist accountant from our contracting team. Your accountant wants to understand your business and will focus on the details that make a difference to you and your success.

We understand that one package may not suit everybody, so we offer three different fixed fee packages.

Why do you need an accountant?

Orange Genie Complete

Orange Genie Complete allows our Accountancy clients to switch to umbrella employment and back again, as many times as necessary and at no additional cost. This can be extremely useful if your IR35 status changes from contract to contract, which is more common since the rules changed in April 2021.

The transition is handled internally making it completely seamless and allowing you to choose umbrella or limited on a contract-by-contract basis. It also gives our accountants the full story, ensuring tax planning is long term, effective and above all, in your best interest.

For Orange Genie Complete clients there is no umbrella margin, so you only pay for your accountancy package.  This means you’re always using the best model for your circumstances, even if those circumstances change on a regular basis.

On the surface, doing your own accounts might look like a good way to save money but unless you’re an accountant yourself it’s unlikely to work out that way. Here are the most important reasons why it’s important to engage a specialist contractor accountant to help you run your Limited company.  

Specialist expertise

You wouldn’t attempt to carry out a major structural extension on your home (unless you’re a builder) or provide medical and dental treatment to family members if you’re not qualified to do so. It’s no different with accountancy and tax advice. Your company is more than a series of admin tasks, and your accountant’s expertise adds value beyond maintaining your books and records. A good accountant will pay for their fee, often many times over, by saving you money and helping you grow your business.  

Your time is valuable

Each year dozens of tasks need to be completed, including: Calculating and paying your PAYE and National Insurance, submitting your VAT returns, preparing and submitting Company accounts and tax returns to HMRC and Companies House, calculating your personal tax situation, dealing with HMRC and Companies House queries and filing a confirmation statement.  

Many of these tasks come with deadlines that you’ll need to keep track of, and you can incur fines and penalties if you miss them. All this is on top of the bookkeeping and the time you might need to invest in researching any queries you have, and you still won’t know if you missed something an expert would have spotted and paid more tax than you needed to. 

Handing these tasks off to your accountant not only leaves them in expert hands, it also frees you up to focus on what you’re good at.

Legislation often changes

How you maintain your records one year may not be the same as the next. You need to be abreast of new legislation, and that can be a real challenge if you’re not already an expert. Your specialist contractor accountant will not only be aware of the changes as they are announced, they will help interpret and apply the rules, ensuring you and your company are always compliant. 

Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Whether you have just the beginning of an idea, are ready to launch or want to grow your business our expert team can work with you every step of the way offering tailored advice. 

We provide support for small business owners and landlords. Accounting and Tax Services that go beyond fulfilling statutory requirements to ensure you and your business succeed. 

We offer support at three key stages of a business’s journey. 

Jump Start 

Start Up 

Scale up 

Here we can offer advice in areas such as 

  • The viability of your initial plan 

  • Preparing a business plan 

  • Initial funding requirements 

  • Regulatory requirements 

  • Business structures 

  • Marketing the business 

  • Professional partnerships – bank, PI insurance, legal support, contracts, life cover etc 


This stage is all about getting the set up correct and establishing strong foundations 

  • Incorporation, registration 

  • VAT Registration 

  • Software and record keeping 

  • Raising invoices 

  • Claiming expenses 

  • Tax system & filing deadlines 

  • Directors’ responsibilities etc 

Remuneration strategy 

Growing businesses face different challenges, they require more detailed information and insights 

  • Managing growth 

  • Investment for growth – external funding 

  • Staff, auto enrolment issues 

  • Managing cashflow through growth 

  • Planning for future tax liabilities 

Better financial insights to grow the business and to make better decisions 

Jump Start

Why not invest a little time and money to find out if your idea has potential and take advice on how best to get started to maximise your chance of success. 

Our "jump start" package could be just what you need to help you launch your new venture.

For a fixed price of £199 + VAT you will receive:

  • A copy of our Start up guide, covering everything from concept formation to marketing your business and making your first sale with everything in between. 

  • Access to a simple business plan model, with additional support available. * 

  • A face-to-face meeting with an experienced accountant to talk through your ideas, how best to implement them including some initial accounting and tax advice (up to 90 minutes) 

  • Introduction to a series of business partners who can assist with areas such as: 

  1. Business bank accounts 

  2. Business insurance 

  3. Funding  

  4. Legal helpline and contract writing 

  5. Keyman insurance and family protection 

  6. Staff engagement, through staff wellbeing and high street shopping discounts 

  7. Free formation of your Ltd company, worth over £50 plus VAT, if you become a client of Orange Genie Accountancy  

‘* extra charges will apply 

Start Up and Scale Up Support

And once you are started you will need ongoing support, we can build a personalised package to suit your business's stage of growth. We start with the essentials in terms of accountancy and tax support and we the added value services as you grow, and you need that little extra support. 

Essential Services from £45 + VAT per month

Essential Services 

Added Value Services, including 

  • Access to bookkeeping software 

  • Year-end accounts - filing at Companies House and HMRC 

  • Annual Corporation Tax Return 

  • VAT return preparation and filing 

  • Payroll for up to 2 employees 

  • Simple self-assessment for the business owners/directors 

  • Annual Confirmation Statement to Companies House 

  • Management Accounts and Business insights 

  • Cashflow and forecasting 

  • Payroll for employees and Auto Enrolment compliance 

  • Funding and Grant applications 

  • Fixed assets and capital allowances 

  • Potential R&D claims 

  • Tax planning for the company and individual shareholders 

  • Outsourced Financial Director tasks 

  • Succession planning, including Capital Gains Tax 

Sole traders 

We offer sole trader accounting from just £35 plus VAT per month, giving you the specialist accountancy support and advice you need so you can concentrate on what you do best.  


As a business owner, landlord or even a higher rate tax payer you’ll need to file a self-assessment tax return annually with HMRC. Save some of your valuable time and avoid the stress of “tax time” by handing your self-assessment over to us. 


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Limited company formations

Now you’ve decided to trade through your own Limited company, the next stage is to incorporate your company at Companies House. Our experts will guide you through the process to ensure you have everything you need and get your business up and running as soon as possible.  

They are responsive and thorough. What a godsend.

"I cannot tell you how much money I've had in tax refunds since I joined orange genie. I think we are somewhere like 20-25K now, especially with all the corrections you guys filed from my previous accountant."
Rajvinder Khaira,
Sole Trader Services

Sole Trader Services

Sole Trader Services  

We offer sole trader accounting from just £50 plus VAT per month, giving you the specialist accountancy support and advice you need, so you can concentrate on what you do best.  

Personal Attention

Your dedicated contractor accountant, along with the rest of the expert small business team, will provide bespoke advice based on your specific situation to help you reach your business and personal goals. We ensure your accountant has the time to get to know you and your business, so the advice you receive is based on a deep understanding of your situation and what you want to achieve.  

Tax made easy

We’ll take care of your accounts and your self-assessment tax return, so it’s always filed on time. Our support will ensure that you never receive penalties for late filing, and that you know what to expect so your tax bill is never a surprise. We may even be able to get you a tax refund! 

VAT Expertise

If applicable, we offer comprehensive guidance and support, from advice on whether to register and choosing the right scheme for your business, to completing your quarterly returns.  

Real time accountancy software

With Making Tax Digital now a reality, maintaining your business records in the right format has never been so important. Track your finances and update your books in real time from any device with specialist software from FreeAgent, Xero or talk to us if you would prefer to use another system 

We’ll help you succeed

We have years of experience helping small business owners to realise their dreams and our exceptional team can do the same for you.

Company closures

When the time is right to close your Limited company it is important to seek expert advice to minimise your tax liabilities and ensure all formalities at HMRC and Companies House are followed.  

News and Updates

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