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Self Assessment

Your time is a scarce and valuable resource, so why not hand over your Self-Assessment tax return to our experts from just £150 plus VAT?  

What is a Self-Assessment tax return? 

A self-assessment tax return is a form that business owners, landlords, CIS Contractors and higher rate tax payers need to send HMRC annually to report their earnings from all sources. Tax is calculated based on total income, and recognition is given for any tax paid and deducted at source.  

A self-assessment covers earnings in one tax year, which is the period running from the 6th of April to the 5th of April each year.  

You’ll need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return if:

  • You’re self-employed 

  • You’re the director of a Limited company 

  • You earn over £100,000 

  • You earn over £50,000 and claim child benefit 

  • You earn foreign income over £2,000 

  • You earn income that has not been taxed


Filing deadlines

The deadlines for filing your return are: 

  • October 31st for paper returns 

  • January 31st for online returns 

  • January 31st for balancing payments for the last tax year, and first payments on account for the current tax year.  

HMRC penalties

Penalties for late filing start from £100, effective from the moment your return becomes overdue. The longer you take to file your return, the more the penalty will be. Even if no tax is due, late filing penalties will not usually be waived.  

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