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Umbrella Companies Explained

What is an Umbrella Company?

It's a compliant, professional company who offer employment to contractors, but there are many companies who badge themselves as umbrella company who don’t fit this description. Overall, your choice will have a significant effect on your experience as a contractor.

They will employ you, and supply your services to your agency or client. This allows you the freedom to pick and choose your assignments and decide when and where you work, while enjoying the rights, protections and benefits of being employed.

It's important to note that the umbrella company doesn't find assignments for you. That's the job of the recruitment agency. But with the umbrella company handling your payroll, you can work for different clients without worrying about the administrative nightmare that comes with it.

The process of getting started begins when you contact a recruitment agency. The whole process involves the client, the recruitment agency, the umbrella company, and of course, you. Each party has a specific role in the supply chain, and when they work together, the possibilities are endless.

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Umbrella Company

Inside or Outside IR35?

There are many things to consider, and one of the most important is how you plan to organise your finances. The two most popular choices are either umbrella employment, or becoming a director of your own limited company. We have build a free online Umbrella or Limited Company assessment tool that can be accessed from here

Find below a few guides that will help you to learn the difference between Umbrella and Limited when contracting

Take Home PAY Calculator

If your umbrella company follow best practice, they should provide you with a pay illustration before you sign up with them. This will be an estimate of your pay, and it should include a calculation of your gross pay from the contract rate, and your net pay from your gross pay. It’s important to remember that this illustration is an estimate based on the information you supplied, not a promise to pay you a certain amount. We have built a take home pay calculator which can be accessed from here

Find below a few guides that will help you to understand everything about umbrella pay calculation:

How Does an Umbrella Company Work?

There will be a number of parties involved in your assignments. Usually there will be an end client, a recruitment agency, your umbrella company and yourself! There will be no employment relationship between you and either the end client or the agency.

The details of the payroll process will vary depending on your umbrella company’s internal processes, and their relationship with the agency or client.

Find below a few guides that will help you to understand the relationships and the payroll process in more details, and to learn more tips that will guide you to choose the right umbrella company in 2023.