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Orange Genie Launch Partnership with My Digital

We are happy to announce that Orange Genie’s Umbrella Employment and CIS self-employment solutions will soon be powered by My Digital, specialist providers of bespoke umbrella company software.

Orange Genie have chosen to partner with My Digital after a comprehensive review of the market. We believe it’s the best possible option available. By having access to a unique portal, your umbrella and CIS contractors’ interaction with us will be further improved.

My Digital will play a huge part in Orange Genie’s continued ability to engage, support and pay your candidates in the most efficient way possible. This is a great step forward on our path of continuous improvement. The software has multiple features exclusively designed to our umbrella company model, including simple integration with different internal systems, PAYE tools, rapid processing speeds, greater access to Business Information and more.

The enhancement comes as part of our overall commitment to outsourced contactor management where we can offer first class support in the form of umbrella employment, self-employment for CIS workers and Accountancy support for contractors operating their own Limited Companies.

We plan to make the transition over the weekend of July 16th to 18th. Our first pay-run after the transition will be on Wednesday July 20th. All other services we operate will be “business as usual”.

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