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Questions to Impress Your Clients and Help Land Your Next Contract

The need to source new work is an ever-present part of a contractor’s life, which means most contractors develop considerable experience at pitching to clients. Most advice will remind you to prepare questions to ask the client, so in this article we’ll share some questions that will help you to impress and land you the contract.

One thing to remember, is that the client is looking for someone who is focused on solving their problem or making their project a success. By all means ask about the pay rate, hours and location if these are things you still need to know, as long as you also ask questions that demonstrate a focus on solving for the client. For example:

What stage of the project am I coming in at?

Is the project closing, or does it have years left to run? Will you be adapting to someone else’s work, or laying the groundwork for others who come later? This question demonstrates curiosity about the bigger picture, that you’re already thinking about where the project is and what it needs to succeed.

What potential obstacles might the project face?

This question not only asks what the upcoming pitfalls might be, but whether the client has considered them. Asking this question at interview encourages the client to consider problems they might have, and to see you as a potential solution to them. It also shows that you’re already thinking about their needs, rather than just how this contract will benefit you. 

Which metrics will you use to measure my success in this project?

Asking about the parameters for success and how they will be measured again demonstrates forward thinking. You’re asking the client to nail down in specific detail exactly what they’re trying to achieve, and how you can help them, and it’s exactly this focus on their needs that most clients will be looking for.

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