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Discount Outlet for our Umbrella Company Employees

We use our Orange Genie Companion platform for many things, including delivery of our employee wellbeing program, to give our employees secure access to all their documents, and to help our umbrella company employees make their money go further. In this article we’ll concentrate on this last, and explain how you can make the most of our Discount Outlet.

What is the Orange Genie Companion Discount Outlet?

Our Discount Outlet is a collection of discounts and cashback offers on literally thousands of products and services. There are savings available on just about everything, and employees who use it regularly can find that they rarely pay full price at all.

You can access the Discount outlet through your Orange Genie Companion app, by clicking “My Discounts” followed by “all discounts”. This will bring you to the home screen, and from here you can use the search feature or the navigation bar on the left to find whatever you’re looking for.

Note: If you’re employed by Orange Genie Umbrella and you’re not yet registered with Orange Genie Companion, it’s important that you download the app and register ASAP. You will need to set up your app so you can access your pay documents, as well as important services like the Discount Outlet and wellbeing program.

Regular savings

With the cost of living still making headlines, it’s more important than ever to keep control of your budget, and Discount Outlet can help by saving you money on things you buy every day.

Reloadable cards

One way to save regularly is by using reloadable cards when you shop for groceries. Put money on your card at a discount, and spend the resulting balance in store just like a gift-card. At the time of writing there’s a discount of 4% available at Tesco and Asda, and 5% at Sainsburys. Given that the average UK household spends £3,601 (and rising) on groceries each year, regularly saving a small amount can make a significant difference.

You can set your cards to top up on a weekly or monthly basis, making them extremely convenient for your regular trip to the supermarket.

Instant Vouchers

These work on the same principal as reloadable cards – you buy them at a discount and then spend them in store, but they’re intended for purchases that fall outside your normal routine. You can purchase your instant voucher at a discount on short notice, maybe even using your mobile device while you’re in the shop, allowing you to save on purchases that don’t fall inside your weekly grocery budget.  At the time of writing, you can save 10% at Currys, 7% at Argos and Marks and Spencer, 5% at IKEA and many, many more.  

One-off purchases

With thousands of products and services on offer, the Discount Outlet is constantly evolving, and whatever you need to buy there is likely a discount or cashback available. Whether it’s something unexpected, like an emergency replacement for your washing machine, or something you’re planning months in advance like your annual summer holiday, check the discount outlet before you buy and we’re almost certain you’ll find a deal and save some money.

Fitting it into your life

The best way to get the most out of the Discount Outlet is to get used to using it all the time.

  • Set up reloadable cards for your supermarket of choice, to save on your weekly shop

  • Use instant vouchers to save on any un-planned purchases

  • Check the Discount Outlet for deals when planning days out or activities

  • Check for cashback or discounts when shopping online

  • Use the search function before making any purchase at all

If you have questions or if we can help in any way, please call our expert team on 01296 468483 or email

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