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Meet the Orange Genie Team - Dishan

Following on from Lauren’s interview last month, this month’s Meet the Team episode features Dishan from our finance team.

Dishan originally joined our Contractor Care Team, but he transferred into Finance after six months, and later progressed into Management Accounts. In conversation he’s bright and humble, with infectious enthusiasm and energy.

Dishan’s role has a varied range of responsibilities, but he picks out the contractor pay run as being the most important. This is where the payroll team’s careful work joins up with Finance, and “payroll information” becomes money going into a contractor’s bank account. It’s absolutely vital that it’s completed correctly and on time.

When asked what he likes most about his role, he talks about his love of numbers. He says he’s always wanted to do accounting, and he’s excited by numbers in a way he thinks many people are not. Digging a little deeper, he loves the process of collating and analysing data, to gain useful insights that drive business improvements.

When asked what he likes about working at Orange Genie, he says he feels supported, both professionally and personally. He talks about his relationships with his colleagues and he describes them as “like family”. This positive internal culture is a recurring theme that runs through all our interviews so far.

Dishan exercises every day, which he sees as important for his mental health. Weekly football and regular gym sessions allow him to decompress and unwind from the mental rigour required at work.

He still lives at home with his parents and his brother, but for such a young man, he already has quite a list of achievements. He talks about arriving in the UK as an eight-year-old boy with no English, and his remarkable journey from there to here. We have no doubt that there are still more adventures and achievements yet to come.

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