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How Contractors can Get More Out of LinkedIn

It’s the go to social media platform for professional networkers, so if you’re trying to build your network and grow your business there’s a good

Is Your Payment on Account Due by 31st July?

As a part of the tax planning that your accountant does for you every year, you could come across the term “payments on account”. If you haven’t come

Charging VAT outside of the UK

If you’re based in the UK and doing business overseas, the VAT rules can be a little complicated. In this article we’ll look at what a UK VAT

Rejected Candidates - How to Look After Them and Why They're Important

How do you treat your unsuccessful candidates? Most recruiters understand the need to treat everyone well, but with so many candidates reporting that

Improve your Social Medial Game – A Guide for Recruiters

As a recruitment consultant it’s almost certain that you use a number of different social media platforms for work, but are you getting the best out

Recruiting Contractors When Candidates are Scarce

In most sectors, the UK contracting market has been in a “candidate led” condition for some time now, and most recruitment agencies are familiar with

Umbrella Company Compliance - Why and How to Vet Your Umbrella Partners

Umbrella company employment is usually a positive thing for recruitment agencies and their contractors, but working with the wrong umbrella can do you

Saving for the future – Lifetime ISA or Pension?

Regular readers will be familiar with the idea that a pension is a tax-efficient way of saving for retirement, but if you meet the qualifying

How GDPR Affects Recruiters

Your recruitment business is responsible for collecting, storing and verifying a large amount of sensitive information about your candidates and your

Tax Avoidance Schemes - What Recruiters Need to Know

Whenever there is financial pressure on contractors, we see an increase in activity from tax avoidance schemes, many of them calling themselves

What’s Your Candidate Doing Next? – Contractor Retention for Recruiters

If you’re a recruitment consultant and you engage contractors, you will be used to your candidates moving on. Temporary contracts are the defining

Habits of Successful Recruiters

Becoming a great recruiter takes talent, skill and practice, but there are a number of habits you can adopt to help you up your game. In this article